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Batch 2012 - 2014

1. Sridharan. A., 2012. Ecological situations, behavioural decisions: sexual segregation in Nilgiri tahr (Nilgiritragus hylocrius

2. Kshettry. A., 2012. A study of resource selection by leopard (Panthera pardus) in a mosaic landscape of northern West Bengal

3. Purushotham. C. B., 2012. Understanding the effects of sedimentation on coral reef systems of the Andaman Islands

4. Majgaonkar. I., 2012. Breeding ecology of a population of Gyps vultures

5. Devarajan. K., 2012. Factors affecting the distribution and landscape use of four sympatric carnivore species in an arid ecosystem

6. Saini. K., 2012. Understanding coral early life-history processes in the Andaman Islands

7. Kumar. M. M., 2012. Seasonal Dietary Patterns in Sympatric Large Herbivores

8. N Lakshminarayanan., 2012. Assessing the factors influencing the dynamics of dry season habitat use by Asian elephants (Elephas maximus) in      a heterogeneous landscape

9. Rathod. P.R., 2012. The role of functional herbivore groups in controlling algal growth in post-disturbed reefs

10. Kalva. R., 2012. Response of large herbivore populations to ecological and conservation factors in Kawal Tiger Reserve, Andhra Pradesh

11. Ramachandran R., 2012. Impact of hunting on community structure of wetland avifauna in south India

12. Chakravarty. R., 2012. Gene flow in bats of different ecology and morphology: A comparative study from the Andaman Islands

13. Jha. R., 2012. Determinants of community structure of butterflies at the local and landscape level in South Garo hills, Meghalaya

14. Vijayakrishnan. S., 2012. Behavioural and physiological stress in elephants in a human-dominated landscape in the Western Ghats, southern India