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Batch 2008 - 2010

1. Joshi. A., 2010. Genetic Structure and Connectivity of Tiger (Panthera tigris tigris) Populations in Central Indian Forests.

2. Bipin C.M., 2010. Human Elephant conflict: Impact of land cover changes along the Western Ghats in Karnataka.

3. Punjabi. G.A., 2010. A multi-scale approach to examine factors influencing den site selection in the Indian fox Vulpes bengalensis in a human            dominated dry grassland ecosystem in peninsular India.

4. Siddiqui. I., 2010. Predicting tiger (Panthera tigris) densities based on prey abundance in disturbed forests of Kawal.

5. Herlekar. I.R., 2010. Effect of canopy fragmentation on the patterns of habitat use of the grizzled giant squirrel Ratufa macroura in Cauvery                 Wildlife Sanctuary, Karnataka, India.

6. Baliga. J.K., 2010. Heterogeneity in allogrooming networks of females in troops of bonnet macaques Macaca radiata in a tropical deciduous forest       in southern India.

7. Rayar. K., 2010. Assessing potential tiger habitats in Cauvery Wildlife Sanctuary, Karnataka using occupancy modeling approaches. 

8. Gangal. M. S., 2010. Sedimentation Influences resource allocation in the seagrass Cymodocea serrulat.

9. Krishnadas. M., 2010. Foraging Strategies and Patterns of Home Range Use by an Obligate Frugivore, the Lion-tailed Macaque (Macaca silenus)       in Relation to Resource Availability.

10. Prakash. N., 2010. Factors influencing the occurrence and habitat use of small- clawed otters (Aonyx cinerea) in the human-modified landscape         of Western Ghats, South India.

11. Srinivasaiah. N. M., 2010. Determinants of dry season distribution of Asian elephant (Elephas maximus) in a fragmented landscape of Eastern          Ghats, Southern India and implications for human - elephant conflict.

12. Nayak. R. R., 2010. Effects of Recurring Forest Fire on Ground Vegetation Composition and Soil Properties in a South Indian Tropical Forest.

13. Sridhara. S., 2010. Habitat use of the Indian chevrotain (Moschiola indica) in Someshwara Wildlife Sanctuary.

14. Jadeja. S. V., 2010. Effect of intraspecific variation in blackbuck behaviour on dispersal of invasive Prosopis juliflora in a semi-arid grassland.

15. Nair. T., 2010. Ecological and anthropogenic covariates influencing gharial Gavialis gangeticus distribution and habitat use in Chambal River,               India.