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India has tremendous biological diversity, but a large proportion of India's habitats and wildlife are threatened. Rising economic aspirations and increasing calls to exploit natural resources have created an urgent need to scientifically manage India’s wildlife and wild habitats.

The MSc. Programme in Wildlife Biology and Conservation aims to produce well-trained biologists and conservation practitioners who will retain their passion for wild places and a sense of purpose to try and conserve them. We provide our students a strong foundation of science that will help them design, implement and monitor a range of ecological studies and conservation projects. 

To develop these capabilities, our students learn about wildlife science and conservation through a multi-disciplinary process. They are trained in fundamental ecology, project design skills and technical tools required to carry out scientific studies. As future conservationists they are also exposed to the historical, social, economic, legal and political contexts that underlie the conservation process. In addition, we also teach effective communication using a variety of media, conflict resolution, and problem-solving skills, all key to dealing with real life conservation issues.

A key strength of this programme is its entirely modular course structure which is taught by the best instructors from India and abroad. Modules are thematic and focused, and thus expose students to a rich body of experience, broad perspectives, and cutting edge skills.