Events - Day 4 (13th Jan 2022)

Session Theme : Control and patterns, Session Chair : Shaon Chakrabarti
Start Time End Time Speaker Name Event Title
Jan, 13 4:30 PM Jan, 13 4:45 PM Bhanu Priya S, Gajendra Singh, Anton Iyer, Aashish Satyajith Recorded flash talks
Jan, 13 4:45 PM Jan, 13 5:05 PM Mukund Thattai Expansion of the yeast secretory apparatus was facilitated by an ancient interspecies hybridization
Jan, 13 5:05 PM Jan, 13 5:25 PM Sandeep Krishna Modelling cell fate decisions and the emergence of heterogeneity in yeast populations
Jan, 13 5:25 PM Jan, 13 5:35 PM Anirudh Nandakumar Control of translation by natural and synthetic RNA switches
Jan, 13 5:35 PM Jan, 13 5:55 PM Tapomoy Bhattacharjee Soft and active living matter in complex environment: an approach using 3D bioprinting
Session Theme : Ecology and global change, Session Chair : Jayashree Ratnam
Start Time End Time Speaker Name Event Title
Jan, 13 6:10 PM Jan, 13 6:30 PM M.D. Madhusudan Measuring our forests: a retrospective analysis of India's State of Forest reports 1987-2019
Jan, 13 6:30 PM Jan, 13 6:40 PM Manaswi Raghurama Ecological impacts of woody plant invasion in montane tropical grasslands in the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve
Jan, 13 6:40 PM Jan, 13 6:50 PM Aparna Krishnan Understanding the role of mammals in altering patterns of seed predation in rainforest fragments of the Western Ghats, India
Jan, 13 6:50 PM Jan, 13 7:10 PM Prasenjeet Yadav Communicating ecological science using visual media
Session Theme : Poster awards
Start Time End Time Speaker Name Event Title
Jan, 13 7:30 PM Jan, 13 7:45 PM Poster Awards and Closing remarks
Jan, 13 8:00 PM Jan, 13 10:00 PM Management Board Meeting