The first SERB School on Chemical Ecology was held in February 2014.

Chemical ecology encompasses the study of all interactions that are mediated via chemicals (rather than visual or auditory cues) and that impact the ecology, evolution and behavior of interacting organisms. Chemical signals are used for a variety of purposes such as sending cues to potential mates, associating with mutualists, and for warning potential predators to stay away. Chemicals also form the basis of more direct interactions and exchanges that do not involve signaling such as venoms and toxins.

The SERB school on Chemical Ecology will give advanced PhD students, postdocs and young faculty a broad training in developing and addressing research questions in chemical ecology, as well as hands-on experience with various methods that can be used for such work. The workshop is targeted at students in a PhD program and above, but if space permits exceptional candidates at earlier stages may be considered.

Participants were provided accomodation and travel allowance.