The Seventh Bangalore Benny Shilo Course in Developmental Biology

Applications are invited from graduate students early in their PhD programme and from Undergraduate/ Master’s students contemplating a research career in developmental biology.

Course Dates: January 12-23, 2015
Application Deadline: September 1, 2014

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This course will focus on connecting molecular and cellular pathways to an understanding of the mechanisms that underlie animal development. The total number of participants in the course will be restricted to about 40. The course will be intense and will require full-time participation. Lectures will be accompanied by informal discussion and questions. Another aspect will include a study of related research papers in work-groups followed by presentation by the students and discussions  with the teachers.

Confirmed speakers:
Amos Arieli (Weizmann)
Shigeo Hayashi (RIKEN)
Eli Keshet (Hebrew University)
Ze'ev Paroush (Hebrew University)
Beni Podbilewicz (Technion)
Erez Raz (University of Münster)
Eyal Schejter (Weizmann)
Benny Shilo (Weizmann)
Talila Volk (Weizmann)
Elazar Zelzer (Weizmann)


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