Bangalore Microscopy Course 2023


The 13th Bangalore Microscopy Course will be organized at the National Centre for Biological Sciences (NCBS), Bangalore, India during 24th Sept - 1st Oct 2023. This course is jointly organized by NCBS, inStem (Institute for Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine), and C-CAMP (Centre for Cellular and Molecular Platforms). Taught by world leaders in biological microscopy, this course provides didactic and hands-on training in state-of-the-art optical microscopy techniques. A range of topics from basic microscopy to super-resolution imaging will be covered. Research seminars detailing applications of light microscopy to address specific biological questions will also be part of the program.

Lectures will be combined with hands-on training in a dedicated teaching laboratory equipped with many state-of-the-art microscopes. The final two days of the course will give the participants an opportunity to do independent work or a mini-project.


Satyajit Mayor, Anjana Badrinarayanan, H. Krishnamurthy: National Centre for Biological Sciences, Bangalore

Arjun Guha, Minhaj Sirajuddin: Institute for Stem Cell Science and Regenerative Medicine, Bangalore

Rahul Roy: Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

K. Venkatesan Iyer: Centre for Cellular And Molecular Platforms, Bangalore

Invited Faculty

Luke Lavis, Janelia Research Campus, USA

Jan Ellenberg, EMBL Heidelberg, Germany

Jeniffer Ross, Syracuse University, USA

Kevin Mathew Byrd, UNC-CH and ADASRI, USA

Satyajit Mayor, National Centre for Biological Sciences, India

Thomas Van Zanten, Instituto de Nanociencia y Materiales de Aragón, Spain

Thorsten Wohland,National Uiniversity of Singapore, Singapre

Christian Tischer, EMBL Heidelberg, Germany

Mahipal Ganji, Indian Institute of Science, India

Rahul Roy, Indian Institute of Science, India

Vinothkumar Kutti Raghunath, National Centre for Biological Sciences, India

Minhaj Sirajuddin, Institute for Stem cell Science and Regenerative Medicine (InStem), India

Darius Koster, University of Warwick, UK

Bangalore Microscopy Course 2023