Bangalore Microscopy Course 2020

We would like to inform you that the Twelfth Bangalore Microscopy Course scheduled to be held online from November 16-24, 2020 has been transformed, since an overwhelming number of course applicants wanted the course to be held in a Hands On manner. While we see the logic of this demand, COVID related restrictions do not permit us to conduct the course in the hands on format. We have decided to conduct a Bangalore Microscopy Lecture Series in place of BMC2020. Your application for the hands on course still stands if you confirm you wish to attend next year. It will be moved to the Bangalore Microscopy Course 2021 scheduled for September 2021 when we expect to have the capacity to accommodate a hands on course at NCBS.
This Bangalore Microscopy Lecture series, conducted in collaboration with Global BioImaging, will have combined didactic and research lectures on a variety of light microscopy techniques and will taught by outstanding international leaders in microscopy. The series is designed for graduate students (PhD scholars) and postdoctoral fellows, as well as imaging facility staff, who would like to understand the microscopy techniques, and will be announced soon.
The details of the lecture series is available at
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Bangalore Microscopy Course XII Organisers