System Available

The following systems will be available for hands on training at the course.

Confocal Microscopes

1. LSM 5 LIVE Duo Scan Line Scanning Confocal Microscope- Carl ZEISS

2. LSM 510 meta Confocal microscope with 405 laser-Carl ZEISS

3. LSM 700 Confocal Microscope- Carl ZEISS

4. FV1000 Confocal Microscope-Olympus

5. FV1000 SIM Confocal Microscope with Simultaneous Scanner-Olympus

6. SP5 Confocal Microscope-Leica

7. LSM 510 meta NLO Confocal microscope,with Confocor FCS module-Carl ZEISS

8. Multipoint Scanning Confocal Microscope-Bruker(Exhibit)

9. PTI RatioMaster-Horiba(Exhibit)

Multi photon microscope

1. LSM 780 NLO Confocal microscope with multi photon-Carl ZEISS


1. Becker and Hickel TCSPC/FLIM -Becker & Hickl/Carl ZEISS


1. TIRF Microscope Eclipse Ti: Nikon

2. Multi Color TIRF-Olympus

Light Sheet Microscopy

1. diSPIM Microscope- Customized

Spinning Disk Microscopes

1. Revolution XD Spinning disk Confocal System- Andor

2. Ultraview VoX Spinning disk confocal system-Perkin Elmer

Super Resolution Imaging Systems

1. TCS STED SP5 ll Super resolution microscope- Leica

2. Nikon SIM & STORM

3. LSM 800 with airyscan-Carl ZEISS(Exhibit)

Optical Manipulation

1. Optical Tweezer kit- Thorlabs

2. PALM Micro beam laser micro dissection and catapulting- Carl ZEISS

High Content Screening

1. Home built HCS System-NCBS

2. Cellomics Array Scan-Thermo Scientific

Configurable Systems

1. Modular Infinity Microscope- ASI


1. Evolve Delta-Photometrics

2. Cool Snap Hq2-Photometrics

3. DC2 Multichannel Imaging System-Photometrics

4. optiMOS-QImaging

5. Qi Click-QImaging

6. Micropublisher-QImaging

Light Source(Exhibit)

1. wLS LED Light Source for easy Fluorescence Imaging-QImaging