April 23, 2012    -    April 29, 2012 (Week 17)
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        * IFOM Meeting - ( LH -1)
* IFOM Meeting - ( LH -1)
8:00am     8:45am» Control and optimisation course (S-02)
8:45am» Course on Genome Biology (C-Camp LH)

9:30am» Science communication course (Teaching Lab)

11:30am» Basic Neuro science (LH-2)

2:00pm» Genomics Journal Club (Synapse - Southern Labs)
2:00pm» Introduction to Experimental Statistics (LH-2)
2:30pm» Seminar by Sivakumar Vallabhapurapu ( C-CAMP LH )
2:30pm» Workshop on Presentation Skill ( LH-1 )

3:00pm» ilab solutions meeting (C-Camp GFSH)
3:30pm» Lab meeting (C-Camp LH)
  8:45am» Control and optimisation course (S-02)
9:00am 9:00am» Signalling course (LH-2)

10:00am» Teleconfernce with Cellworks and Sea6 Energy ( C-CAMP GFSH )
10:15am» Control and optimisation course (S-02)

11:30am» Basic Neuro science (LH-2)
11:30am» TCM of Swathi ( S-01)
  9:00am» Signalling course (LH-2)

10:30am» Course on Genome Biology (C-Camp LH)

11:30am» inStem Seminar by Dr. Mani Subramanian (LH-2)
10:00am 10:15am» Mathematics : Population Models (LH-3)
11:00am 11:30am» Basic Neuro science (LH-2)
1:00pm 1:30pm» Science Communication Course via VC - IIT Kanpur ( VCR )

2:00pm» Introduction to Experimental Statistics (LH-2)
2:00pm» Neuro Journal Club(Nuleus:S-01)
2:00pm» Protein Technology Core's Weekly update meetings ( C-CAMP GFSH )

4:00pm» AWS by Shuchita Arun Soman, Shikha ,Aghera Nilesh, K. (LH-1)
4:00pm» Teleconfernce with Cellworks and Sea6 Energy ( C-CAMP GFSH )
2:00pm 2:00pm» Advanced Algorithms course (LH-3)
2:00pm» Advanced Algorithms course (LH-3)
2:00pm» Thesis seminar by Souvik Modi (LH-2)
2:00pm» stem cell journal club [ C-Camp LH]

4:00pm» CBJC: Cell Biology Journal Club (LH2)
3:00pm   3:00pm» DBJC (S-01)
4:00pm   4:00pm» Mathematics : Population Models (LH-3)
5:00pm 5:00pm» Wild Life Slide show ( LH-1)