The use of the NCBS Field Stations is governed by the following guidelines, and legally binding rules and regulations:


1.              This form must be carefully read and signed by all users of the NCBS field stations, including by NCBS personnel.

2.              The user(s) must obtain research and/or collecting permits from relevant state forest departments and the Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change, Government of India, as applicable, before applying for the use of the field stations. A copy of the research and/or collection permit(s) must be appended to this signed form.

3.              Potential users must have received prior written (inclusive of email) approval for the use of the field stations from the authorized faculty coordinator of that specific field station. The approval must be obtained at least three weeks in advance.

4.              All the equipment and facilities provided at the field station are property of and/or privilege extended by NCBS to the users. Due care and responsibility should be taken while using the instruments, equipment and other facilities at the field station. Users may be asked to pay for damages resulting from negligent use.

5.              The field staff must be treated with due respect, and their guidelines and instructions must be followed by all the users. The field staff are local in-charge of the field stations.

6.              The field stations are a shared facility, where all users must be treated with respect and collegiality, irrespective of their qualifications and job descriptions.

7.              User fees must be paid in advance by bank transfer, or in cash before departure at the end of field season. For long-duration visitors, field staff may ask for periodic payments for various facilities/food/transportation, etc., for which receipt must be obtained by the user on spot. If the field staff refuses to issue receipt or sign a payment voucher, the faculty coordinator of the field station must be contacted immediately. Fee structure may vary by field stations and are subjected to change without prior notice. Consult the authorized faculty coordinator of the specific field station for this. All fees must be paid in full. Fees, once paid, are non-refundable. In exceptional cases, appeals for the refund of the fees must be made to the Director, NCBS.

8.              Users of the field station, by signing below, acknowledge that field work is a potentially life-threatening endeavour. While NCBS will take utmost care in ensuring safety and comfort of the users, NCBS and its staff are in no way – legally or morally – responsible for accidental injury, and/or loss of limb and life. Users of the field stations should take full and unconditional responsibility for personal injury, and loss of limb/life.

9.              Users must take personal responsibility for their belongings. NCBS, the field staff and other users of the field station may not be held responsible for theft, damage or destruction of personal belongings.

10.           NCBS field station facilities must be acknowledged in reports and publications that result from the use of field stations for field studies and/or educational activities.

11.           NCBS reserves the right of admission and the use of the field station facilities. Users may be refused permission or asked to leave the field station if the field staff believe that required documentation has not been provided or has been falsified, or the rules and regulations of the field station are not closely followed by the user(s).