This is a restricted research facility meant for housing and long-term preservation of museum specimens for scientific research. It is an internationally valuable resource on the biodiversity of the Indian Region, which can serve us not only in coming years but for decades and centuries. Please keep this in mind while using the facility and take utmost care while working in this area and handling specimens.






1.     Strictly no food or drinks inside the Collections Room, except drinking water in tightly closed unbreakable bottles.

2.     Bags of any kind are not allowed beyond the ante-room. You MUST keep your bags inside or near the lockers provided in the ante-room, and openly carry only absolutely necessary stuff inside the Collections Room.

3.     Hats, caps, umbrellas, raincoats, etc., should be kept near the lockers. Only thermal wear is allowed inside the Collections Room.

4.     Do not bring in or take away any equipment without prior permission of the curators. This includes scissors, foreceps, pins, pinning boards, drawers, etc.

5.     Use the Collections Room only for work related to the specimens. Other work or non-work activities should be done elsewhere.

6.     This is a shared facility. Clean up and tidy your desk and other work areas at the end of your work every day so that other users may use the space for their work. Share the common equipment and resources as needed even if your lab contributed them.




7.     Do not keep specimens unattended outside the drawers at any time.

8.     Avoid keeping the drawers outside the cabinets overnight; if you must, cover them with the opaque sheets that are available in the Collections Room.

9.     If any specimens are damaged, or if you find specimens and labels disassociated from each other, bring this to the attention of the curators immediately. Do not try to fix or sort these things out on your own.




10.  Report to the curators malfunction of the AC units, access card readers and other critical maintenance- and security-related equipment immediately. These things need to be fixed on a priority basis.

11.  Keep the main access door closed at all times. Access is only by card, and only those with suitable access cards are allowed to enter and work in the collections. Do not let anyone without a card inside the facility, even when they are supposed to access the collections.

12.  Do not open the windows under any circumstances. Keep all the doors closed.

13.  Do not switch off the AC or change temperature to suit you. The climatic conditions maintained in the Collection Room are set for long-term preservation of the museum specimens, not our daily comfort.