The Principal Investigator on the grant is responsible for scientific management of the sponsored project, financial management of awarded funds and adherence to campus and agency norms. It is also the responsibility of the grant holder to ensure that the project is in receipt of the requisite statutory approvals. 

RDO staff offer administrative support for managing awarded grants based on agency policies and campus norms.

RDO services for post-award grant management include:
• Negotiations with agencies for activation of new grants and awards.
• Finalising agreements for sponsored research and subcontracts
• Coordination with internal administrative teams for the creation of new finance budget codes
• Coordination with internal administrative teams as required during the lifetime of the grant
• Monitoring project activities during the lifetime of the award
• Coordination of annual, interim and end-of-grant reporting and logistics thereof
• Reappropriation requests to agencies
• Maternity leave extension requests to agencies
• Extension requests to agencies
• Grant closures
• Grant transfers
• Monitoring and management of large institutional grants
• Coordination of Executive committee meetings for oversight of large institutional grants
• Follow through on subcontracts
• Outreach to funding agencies
• Document management via the RDO Grant Management System (accessed via the intranet at