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  • February 9, 2015: Samira Agnihotri (batch 2006) - Doctorate from Centre for Ecological Sciences; Title: The structure and function of the vocal repertoire of the Greater racket tailed drongo (Dicrurus paradiseus): insights into avian vocal mimicry;
  • September 17, 2013: Kulbhushansingh Suryawanshi (batch 2008) - Doctorate from NCF & Manipal University; Title: Human-carnivore conflicts: Understanding predation ecology and livestock damage by snow leopards;   
  • Varun Goswami (batch 2006) - Doctorate from University of Florida in 2013; Title: Of Populations, Habitat and People: The Asian Elephant in a World Fast Changing      
  • Divya Vasudev (batch 2006) - Doctorate from University of Florida in 2013; Title: Species Dispersal Behavior and Connectivity in Fragmented Landscapes;    
  • Anand M.Osuri (batch 2006) - Doctorate from the National Centre for Biological Sciences in 2015; Title: The effects of rainforest fragmentation on tree communities and aboveground carbon storage in the Western Ghats
  •  November 18, 2014: Umesh Srinivasan (batch 2008) - Doctorate from National Centre for Biological Sciences; Title: Demographic responses of understorey bird species to human - induced habitat degradation in the eastern Himalaya;    
  • Nandini Velho (batch 2008) - Doctorate from James Cook University in 2015; Title: The effect of terrestrial rodents on seed fate of hornbilldispersed plants in Pakke Tiger Reserve