Advt No.23/2021 : Appointment of a Graduate Trainee in the lab of Dr Archishman Raju

Essential Qualification and Experience required:

  • Bachelor or Master's in physics, math, engineering or computer science.

Skills required:

  • Some programming experience in any computer programming language of your choice (e.g. C++/Python/Fortran etc.).

  • Comfortable with calculus, linear algebra and statistics

  • Some basic knowledge of cell biology is preferred, but not required

Project description:

Identifying correlations in cell-state transitions

Recent advanced and increased sophistication in collecting single-cell RNA seq data has led to a need for quantitative tools to understand and interpret this data. We approach this problem from a theoretical perspective. Recent work has identified that studying the cell-cell correlations from single-cell data can allow the identification of cell-state transitions. However, this identification is likely obscured by noise, lineage and other sources of correlations. The project will involve simulating the dynamics of artificial gene-networks and identifying different sources of correlations between cells when they are going through state transitions (e.g. during differentiation).

This will eventually lead to developing theoretical tools to better understand the data associated with these transitions. The project will be a collaborative effort with Dr. Shaon Chakrabarti’s lab at NCBS.


Freedman, Simon L., et al. "Revealing cell-fate bifurcations from transcriptomic trajectories of hematopoiesis." bioRxiv (2021).

Nitzan, Mor, and Michael P. Brenner. "Revealing lineage-related signals in single-cell gene expression using random matrix theory." Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 118.11 (2021).

Qin, Chongli, and Lucy J. Colwell. "Power law tails in phylogenetic systems." Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 115.4 (2018): 690-695.

Number of positions: 1

Minimum % of marks: 75%

Age limit: 35

Salary offered: 25,000 (without CSIR/GATE/equivalent qualification), 31000 + 24% HRA (with CSIR/GATE/equivalent qualification)

How to apply:

Interested applicants are requested to email their CV, a short statement of research interest based on the topic and references above (~300 words) to

Statements not related to the above topic and incomplete applications missing one of the two documents will not receive any response.

Last date for applying is October 31. Candidates will be contacted and interviewed on a rolling basis till the position is filled.

Please note that candidates who have not been selected for interview will not be contacted; we are unable to reply to all inquiries from candidates.

Head, Establishment


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