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BABEL - The GENESIS Users Group

Due to the large number of requests for GENESIS, we are only able to provide limited help or support for those who acquire GENESIS through the GENESIS ftp site. Therefore, we strongly encourage serious users of GENESIS to join the GENESIS Users Group, BABEL. Members of BABEL are entitled to access the BABEL directories and email newsgroup. These are used as a repository for the latest contributions by GENESIS users and developers. These include new simulations, libraries of cells and channels, additional simulator components, new documentation and tutorials, bug reports and fixes, and the posting of questions and hints for setting up GENESIS simulations. As the results of GENESIS research simulations are published, many of these simulations are being made available through BABEL. New developments are announced in a newsletter which is sent by email to all members. Members are able to access the BABEL directories and transfer files to and from their host machines using ftp or a web browser, using the BABEL server at Caltech.

How to join BABEL

We have recently discontinued the requirement of a registration fee for BABEL membership. Now, all that we require is some assurance that you have a serious interest in using the GENESIS simulator. If you have not yet tried GENESIS, please try some of the demonstration simulations and tutorials, in order to determine if GENESIS is suitable for your purposes. If you then feel that membership in BABEL will be useful to you, you may apply for membership by sending the following information to

your name, institution, mailing address and phone number (optional), the email address at which you would like to receive communications from BABEL, and a description of your present or intended uses of GENESIS. Although this description need not be lengthy, please try to be as specific as possible in your statement of what types of models you intend to construct with GENESIS. If you have used GENESIS in teaching or research in the past, we would like to hear about it, with references for any publications or conference papers related to your use of GENESIS.

After your registration has been accepted, we will add you to the BABEL mailing list, and send you information on accessing the BABEL archives and posting to the BABEL newsgroup.

Inquiries concerning BABEL memberships should be sent to