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This is the Readme file for Parallel GENESIS (PGENESIS) version 2.1. This is a much improved release, which replaces the experimental version which was previously available on this site. When used with GENESIS version 2.1 or later, it allows GENESIS to be run on networks of workstations (NOW), symmetric multiprocessors (SMP) and massively parallel processors (MPP).

The following files are available on the ftp server:

Readme.pgenesis                 - (this file) top level instructions
pgenesis.2.1.tgz                - source including docs
pvm3.3.11.tar.gz                - pvm 3.3.11 sources                    - pvm userguide in postscript

If you do not have the gnu gunzip utility, you may download the larger versions of these files with the ".Z" extension, which were produced with UNIX compress.

pgenesis.2.1.tgz is a gzipped tar file which untars into a directory "pgenesis" with this command:

        cat pgenesis.2.1.tgz | gunzip | tar -xvf -
pvm3.3.11.tar.gz is a gzipped tar file which untars into a directory "pvm3" with this command:
        cat pvm3.3.11.tar.gz | gunzip | tar -xvf -
Installation and user setup instructions are in pgenesis/README. If you have the CDROM which is included with the second edition of "The Book of GENESIS", follow the instructions in pgenesis/README.cdrom. Multiprocessor related instructions are in pgenesis/ Paragon related instructions (incomplete) are in pgenesis/Readme.paragon. Web documentation is rooted at pgenesis/Hyperdoc/welcome.html. The official up-to-date Web documentation is at

PGENESIS 2.1 has been tested extensively on IRIX 5.3, Digital UNIX, Unicos/mk (Cray T3E). It has been run on SunOS, Solaris, Linux, HPUX and Intel Paragon. We are interested in assisting with installation on other UNIX platforms.

We are willing to provide assistance with installation.

Questions and bug reports to: