Academic statistics

(*) At least one author is affiliated with NCBS Bangalore. A more comprehensive list can be found at NCBS Website. This list could not be analysed with good accuracy because it is not very machine friendly.

Venues statistics since March 01, 2017

Total booking requests 59127
Rate of booking (# per day) 22.71
Approved requests 47629
Rejected requests 3300
Pending requests 3037
Cancelled by user 4791

Community interaction via Annual Work Seminar

Show AWS interaction in last months.

Following graph shows the interaction among faculty since Apr 14, 2021. Number on edges are number of AWSs between two faculty, either of them is involved in an AWS as co-supervisor or as a thesis committee member.

Total 353 AWSs found in database since Apr 14, 2021

Hover over a node to see the interaction of particular faculty.

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