Master's in Medical Physiology
Research Interest
Shefta has a Master degree in Medical Physiology. She is a Research Assistant handling the animal experiments related to the Dengue vaccine project and the therapeutic potential of cyclic mismatch binding ligands (CMBLs) in cervical cancer.

Shefta E Moula
sheftaemoula at ncbs dot res dot in

The Dengue vaccine project

The aim of this project is to design the nucleic acid vaccines against dengue. We have screened and sequenced 1000 and 350 Dengue NS1 positive clinical samples respectively.  From these sequences, we know that dengue viral strains in India have mutations in the antigenic region as compared to globally circulating Dengue viruses. The animal experiments that I am involved with are the vaccine injections in Balb/C mice and the following boosters, drawing blood for serum analysis of immune response, necropsy and harvesting of organs (Spleen,Thymus,Liver) for extraction of splenocytes and other experiments.


Exploring the therapeutic potential of cyclic mismatch binding ligands (CMBLs) in cervical cancer

CMBLs (Cyclic Mismatch binding ligands) are a novel class of recently developed small molecules. This study involves the analysis of the therapeutic effect of such specifically designed novel small molecules on cervical cancer subsets. The animal part of the study involves the drug injections for PK/PD analysis of the drugs, injection of cell lines and monitoring of tumor growth and metastasis as well as the effect of the drugs on both, necropsy and resection of tumor etc. I am working with Nod SCID Gamma (NSG) and CD1 mice for this study