Masters in Biotechnology
Research Interest
Bhagyashree Shelar has completed Integrated Masters in Biotechnology from Dr D Y Patil Biotechnology and Bioinformatics Institute, Pune. Her earlier stint’s had involved the extensive practice of molecular and cellular biology techniques. Presently She is working as a Research Assistant in "Indo-Africa Dengue Vaccine Project” where we have successfully screened (1000 NS1 Positive samples) and sequenced (350 NS1 Positive Samples)

Bhagyashree Shelar
bshelar96 at gmail dot com

     Indo-Africa Dengue Vaccine Project

we have successfully screened (1000 NS1 Positive samples) and sequenced (350 NS1 Positive Samples). From the sequencing data, we have been able to find out circulating strains in India and mutation present in the antigenic region compared to globally circulating DENV strains.  Based on these findings we have constructed eight DENV vaccine constructs.


    Cyclic Mismatch Binding Ligand (CMBL)

Another project I am involved in with Dr. Sanjukta Mukherjee. Where I am trying to understand effect of Cyclic Mismatch Binding Ligand (CMBL3aL) over oncomiR 24-2 in Cervical Cancer. We are studying the effect of a compound named "CMBL3aL" having an affinity for  characteristic hairpin loop motif of pre-miRNA. Such characteristic hairpin motif is seen in pre-miR-24-2. Dicer mediated maturation of  pre-miR-24-2 gives miR24, which is act as an oncomiR in different cancer types including cervical cancer. MiR24 is also one of the overexpressed miRNAs in metastatic cervical cancer cell line (CaSki). We are studying the oncogenic role of miR-24-2 using cervical cancer cell line CaSki as model system and obstruction in oncogenic properties of miR-24-2 by CMBL3aL. We also aim to deduce a molecular pathway involved in cervical cancer cell migration regulated by miR-24-2 and CMBL3aL.