Ph.D. in Biochemistry
Research Interest
Arun Sankaradoss is a post-doctoral fellow in the dengue vaccine development program. He earned a Ph.D. in Biochemistry from the University of Madras. His research focus is to investigate the genetic diversity profile of Dengue viruses across India and integrate viral diversity and sequence information to build a novel vaccine against dengue. His research aims to compare DENV diversity profiles by harnessing high-throughput sequencing technology to sequence viral populations in individuals with primary and secondary DENV serotype 1-4 infections. This study will examine the hotspots of intra and inter-host DENV diversity within particular genes and domains, study their impact on amino acid sequence and effects on protein function. Mainly focus on the domain III region of the envelope antigen (E) is a major protein involved in cell fusion and an important target for antibody binding.

Arun Sankaradoss
asankaradoss at ncbs dot res dot in

   Vaccine approach

Multiple vaccine platforms are under development to create a vaccine that can effectively induce productive immunity. Among those with the greatest potential for speed are Nucleic acid-based platforms. DNA and RNA vaccines can be made quickly, and they are capable of inducing both humoral and cellular responses with virtually no risk of causing diseases themselves. He is working on enhanced synthetic consensus nucleic acid vaccines for dengue, the primary goal of this approach is to present antigens of all four serotypes simultaneously to virtually eliminate the problems associated with ADE that is one of the critical factors preventing vaccine development against dengue