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7 November 2013

Dasheri Auditorium, National Center for Biological Sciences (NCBS), Bangalore

Evolutionary biology is the cornerstone of modern biological research, providing both historical context and predictive power to the intricate details and broad patterns observed in organisms. The subject is especially relevant today, given its myriad applications from understanding disease and ensuring food security for millions, to minimizing impacts of climate change. Hence, evolutionary thinking really needs to permeate both academic research in biology as well as its understanding in the public domain. The daylong symposium on Evolution has multiple goals: to increase awareness of evolutionary thinking, both for biologists and for the public; to encourage academic interaction between Indian evolutionary biologists at all career stages; and to honor Alfred Russel Wallace, one of the founding fathers of evolutionary biology. 

The year 2013 marks the 100th death anniversary of Alfred Russel Wallace, who proposed the theory of evolution by natural selection along with Charles Darwin in 1858. Considered the father of biogeography, Wallace was an outstanding naturalist who spent years collecting and observing species in the Amazon basin and the Malay Archipelago. It was during the latter trip – in a bout of malarial fever – that he synthesized his observations into ideas that would change how we think of life: variations within and between species could be explained by the action of natural selection. To highlight Wallace’s contributions, the symposium will include a public lecture about his life and work.

ORGANIZERS: Krushnamegh Kunte and Deepa Agashe, NCBS

REGISTRATION: All participants are encouraged to register. The registration fee of Rs. 500 will cover costs of meals, refreshments during the breaks, and badges for participants. The talks can be attended for free by anyone, but the non-registered participants will have to buy their meals and refreshments during the breaks in the NCBS canteen. To register, send a demand draft of Rs. 500 in favor of 'NCBS Meetings and Workshops A/C', and on the back of the demand draft write your name, affiliation and the name of the meeting (Evolution Symposium). Email us at with your demand draft details, and send the demand draft to:

Ms. Nidhi Srivastav
Meetings and Workshops Office
National Center for Biological Sciences
GKVK, Ballary Road
Bangalore 560065.

Registration deadline is 20 Oct. 2013.

A limited number of spot registrations will be available upon payment at the symposium venue in the form of cheques drawn on the above account.

ACCOMMODATION AND TRANSPORTATION: Particpants are requested to arrange for their accommodation. If participants are staying close to town, they can take the free IISc-NCBS shuttle to reach NCBS campus. Consult the NCBS-IISc shuttle service schedule for timings.

RESEARCH POSTERS: Students, postdocs and other researchers are encouraged to present posters highlighting their work in evolutionary biology (any subject in evolution is welcome!). To apply, please send your CV and an abstract of your poster (maximum 300 words) to

Applications for research posters are due by 15 Oct 2013, but applications will be evaluated and accepted as they are received. Since we have limited space for posters (50 posters total), apply early to get a chance to present your poster. Your posters should fit the poster boards of the size 5 ft x 4 ft. All participants presenting research posters must register (see above).



Speaker and affiliation

Talk title/topic




Introduction to the Evolution Symposium

Krushnamegh Kunte and Deepa Agashe

9.30 am

Raghavendra Gadagkar (IISc)

Can Naive Biologists Test Controversial Theory?

10.05 am

Milind Watve (IISER Pune)

Evolution of Ageing: What Insights Bacteria Can Give

10.40 am


11.15 am

Ullasa Kodandaramaiah

(IISER Thiruvananthapuram)

The Dispersal-Vicariance Pendulum and Historical Biogeography

11.50 am

Praveen Karanth (IISc)

Biogeography of India: A Phylogenetic Perspective

12.25 pm

Uma Ramakrishnan (NCBS)

Is the Indian Subcontinent a Sink for Mammalian Diversity?

1.00 pm


2.15 pm

Renee Borges (IISC)

A Tale of One City: The Fig as a Microcosm

2.50 pm

Deepa Agashe (NCBS)

Connecting the Ecology, Evolution and Behaviour of Natural Populations

3.25 pm


4.00 pm

Krushnamegh Kunte (NCBS)

Natural Selection and the Evolution of Morphological Diversity

4.35 pm

K. N. Ganeshaiah (UAS)

Working Out a Compromise Between Darwin and Linnaeus


The Last Word

Speaker TBA

5.30 pm

Student Poster Session

7.00 pm

Dinner (for academic symposium participants)





Krushnamegh Kunte: email or call (080) 2366-6085, (080) 2366-6086, 9483-525-925
Deepa Agashe: email or call (080) 2366-6524
Nidhi Srivastav: email or call (080) 2366- 6337

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