Dolna 1 is situated opposite to the main canteen at Ncbs campus.

NCBS facilities accessible to Dolna Children

Playground: The Dolna front yard contains an outdoor play area that contains a Jungle Gym, See- Saws, slides, swings and a sand pit area. Dolna staff supervise children under 6 during outdoor play time.

Music Room : A new music room has been created just above the main Dolna facility that will contain musical instruments, drum sets etc. Children will be allowed access to these rooms for music and dance lessons under supervision of adults.


Sports Faciity  


Swimming Pool


Children's Library : Dolna maintains a few shelves of books for all ages. In addition, an NCBS children's librarian visits every Friday with a selected collection that children can issue out as per library rules. We encourage this exercise to inculcate the library habit within children. This has proved hugely popular with children of Dolna. In future, we hope to extend this to music CDs as well.


Computers :

Fully-equipped Kitchen :


Children's lockers :


Creative materials within the Dolna facilities Dolna staff fosters creativity and stimulates skills that lead to reading, writing and craft work. Infants who can grasp a marker will delight in the motion of scrubbing. Kids enjoy the activity and are not concerned out the end result. The mess is half the fun, and we encourage children to take delight in the creative process. The following materials are made available to children at all times.


Art Materials:

1. Paints

2. Small aprons

3. One easel board

4. Stencils (available at Sutradhar)

5. Paint Brushes

6. Crayons

7. Markers

8. Chalk

9. White board, eraser

Construction materials:

Blocks, building sets, and woodworking supplies are excellent sources and number ideas. They contribute to muscle strength and coordination too.

Few Toys are as durable as hardwood blocks.

1. Building blocks

2. Concept toys like:

a. Number rods

b. Buttoning frames

c. Lacing shoe

d. Peg Board

e. Big beads

(Available with the Montessori play equipment markets; can give the name)

Other material:

1. Sand, water, clay, and musical instruments are ideal learning tools because children have so much control over them-they relish their feel and sound.

2. Inflatable water pool. Children love to splash in water tub. Constant supervision needed.

3. Play dough-can be ordered from Dutch Touch as it is non-toxic. The ones available in the market smell of petrol.

4. Xylophone, ghunghroo etc, can be bought.