Instructor: Sowdhamini R, Shachi S Gosavi, Ranabir Das, Vinothkumar K Ragunath, Tapomoy Bhattacharjee, Sunil Laxman, Arvind Ramanathan, Praveen Vemula
Duration of the course:
3rd Oct 2022 to 30th Dec 2022
Days: Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Credits: 2
Course Outline:

Course outline: The aim of the course is to give broader view on the biochemical and biophysical processes in the cell and how these are studied. This will be a platform for the advance courses in the next semester.

Course outcome: Hopefully, students will be able to understand the many jargons used by biochemists and biophysicists and the many processes that occur in the cell at the end of the course. It is possible that some of these topics are found in the text books but the experience of instructors (who have worked on some
of topics) will be invaluable to students.


Course Term: Aug Term - 2022
Course Year: 2022/2023