Instructor: Dimple Notani, Dasaradhi Palakodeti, Gaiti Hasan, Aswin Seshasayee, Anjana Badrinarayanan
Time: 11.00 AM - 1.00 PM
Duration of the course:
6th Nov 2017 to 28th Dec 2017
Days: Tuesday/Thursday
Credits: 3
Class Room: LH2 (Langra)
Course Outline:




Class 1 and 2: 06/11/2017 and 08/11/2017

1. Mendel laws and Chromosomal Theory of inheritance
2. Linkage maps
3. Sex linked inheritance
3. introduction to yeast genetics.




Classes 3 and 4: 14/11/2017 and 16/11/2017

discovery of DNA; 
the problem of the identity of the genetic material; 
undirected beginnings: discovery and initial characterisation of the bacteriophage, and the discovery of transformation

the bacteriophage lifecycle

the AVery-McLeod-MacCarthy experiments and the Hershey-Chase experiment




Class 5: 21/11/2017

a. Overview of DNA replication
b. Replication initiation, elongation and termination 
b. Fidelity during replication
c. Supercoiling and role of topoisomerase in replication progression 

Class 6: 23/11/2017

a. Prokaryotic vs eukaryotic replications: where and how does replication begin?
b. Cell cycle control of replication. Telomere replication
c. General and site-specific recombination 

Class 7: 28/11/2017

a. Types of DNA damage
b. DNA damage response in prokaryotes and eukaryotes 
c. Overview of DNA damage repair pathways




Classes 8 and 9: 30/11/2017 and 05/12/2017

transcription in bacteria - the core enzyme and the sigma factors; the elongation and termination factors

regulation of transcription in bacteria - the operon, transcription factors and regulatory networks, chromosome topology and organisation





Class 10 and 11: 07/12/2017 and 12/12/2017


a. Chromosome packaging from DNA double helix to chromosomes

b. Organization of chromosomes in interphase nuclei, spaghetti and chromatin territory models

c. Zoom in and out of chromosome organization in interphase


Class 12 and 13: 14/12/2017 and 19/12/2017


a. Eukaryotic transcription machinery and gene regulation

b. Gene Regulation by cis- and distal regulatory elements




Class 14, 15 and 16: 21/12/2017, 26/12/2017 and 28/12/2017

Translation and its regulation
1. Translation initiation, elongation and termination
2. Ribosomal biogenesis
3. tRNA biogenesis
4. Ribosomal heterogeneity
5. Translation regulation.
6. paper discussion



Course Term: Aug Term - 2017
Course Year: 2017/2018