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Who can participate?

If you are a patient, caregiver, relative or a member of the public wanting to contribute to scientific research on mental health biology, you are welcome to get involved with the ADBS program

Why should you participate?

Your participation could benefit society greatly.  The ADBS program aims to create a better understanding of what causes mental disorders. Whether you suffer from a mental disorder, are at risk for developing one, or do not have a history of such disorders, your involvement will provide valuable information. Insights gained from this information could be used to diagnose, identify novel targets for therapy or create better treatments for mental disorders.

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How is my privacy protected?

The national cell repository for neuropsychiatric illness assures that information provided during an interview will be strictly confidential. This information will not be shared with any individuals outside of the research team. Numerous physical, electronic and training safeguards have been put into place across data collection sites to prevent breach of confidentiality. Identifying information of the donors will be stored separately using DNA ID numbers without personal identifiers and would be in locked files and on password protected computerized tracking systems.

NIMHANS also has a well-established protocol for blood sample collection and subsequent steps towards isolation of cells and the creation of iPSCs. All samples collected will be coded prior to biomaterial isolation. Information on these samples will be maintained in a local clinic database which is password protected and accessible only to valid users.





About ADBS

The Accelerator program for Discovery in Brain disorders using Stem cells (ADBS) is a new scientific venture to understand mental illness by harnessing the power of modern human genetics and stem cell technology.

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