Based on performance in the TIFR/JGEEBILS exam held on 11th December 2022, the following candidates are invited to submit a full application. This will be used by the following Centres/Institutions to shortlist candidates for interviews: DBS-TIFR (Mumbai); TCIS-TIFR (Hyderabad); NCBS-TIFR/inStem (Bangalore). Each Centre/Institution makes decisions to shortlist candidates independently, based on the material submitted in the full application.

We strongly encourage you to provide institutional email IDs for your referees. You will receive a notification when your referees are contacted and are responsible for ensuring that the reports are sent in on time.

There is no provision to submit the Application Form or Referee Reports offline. Incomplete application forms or those not supported by Referee Reports are invalid and not processed further.

Candidates are then shortlisted for interviews by each Centre/Institution on the basis of the statement of interest, scientific and extra-curricular efforts, academic performance, Referee Reports, and scores/ranks in written tests. If you are shortlisted , you will receive a call letter directly from the relevant Centre(s)/Institution(s). The dates for the interviews will be mentioned in this call letter.DBS/NCBS will also consider candidates based on their GATE/CSIR/UGC-NET rank. Via this route we will only consider candidates if:

(1) You are in the top 05 percentile of ranks (e.g. you must have a rank of 100 or better if a total of 2000 candidates appeared for the corresponding exam). In the full application you will be required to state your GATE/CSIR/UGC-NET rank and upload the corresponding Scorecard as supporting evidence.

If the above apply to your case, please write to We will provide instructions to you on how to submit a full application.

For any deviations from this procedure you must obtain approval and instructions by writing to

Centres/Institutions will consider any and all applications received before the following dates. You only need to submit a single Application Form.

DBS-TIFR: 31/03/2023

TCIS-TIFR: 31/03/2023

NCBS-TIFR/inStem: 31/03/2023

ICTS-TIFR: 31/03/2023


List of Candidates Shorlisted in the GS 2023 Entrance Exam held on 11th December, 2022
Application Sequence No. Name
GS2023BIOPHD008408 A M Vrinda
GS2023BIOPHD000951 Aadil Ashraf
GS2023BIOPHD003013 Aadishakti Dalai
GS2023BIOPHD017565 Aaditi Sameer Karnik
GS2023BIOPHD003561 Aakanksha Madhwal
GS2023BIOPHD019041 Aakar Anshul
GS2023BIOPHD012936 Aakash Shriprakash Singh
GS2023BIOPHD020203 Aaradhana Kaul
GS2023BIOPHD009362 Aastha
GS2023BIOPHD012355 Aayush Srivastava
GS2023BIOPHD015979 Aayushi Gajender Singh
GS2023BIOPHD014646 Aayushi Jain
GS2023BIOPHD011751 Abhinanda Adak
GS2023BIOPHD002159 Abhinav Gupta
GS2023BIOPHD009390 Abhinav Kumar Vats
GS2023BIOPHD001511 Abhinav Parmeshwar Hatwar
GS2023BIOPHD004981 Abhiram Matta
GS2023BIOPHD008426 Abhirami H
GS2023BIOPHD001254 Abhisek Soumyadarsan Sahoo
GS2023BIOPHD012724 Abhishek Biswas
GS2023BIOPHD008052 Abhishek Jangid
GS2023BIOPHD004120 Abhishek Pradhan
GS2023BIOPHD013632 Abinash Dutta
GS2023BIOPHD014152 Abinash Mishra
GS2023BIOPHD010603 Aditi Ghosh
GS2023BIOPHD017608 Aditi Nishikant Deshpande
GS2023BIOPHD019552 Adrija Dutta Purkayastha
GS2023BIOPHD019816 Adrija Rakshit
GS2023BIOPHD010078 Adrita Chakraborty
GS2023BIOPHD008459 Adya Upmanyu
GS2023BIOPHD017550 Agastya Singh
GS2023BIOPHD002941 Aindrila Saha
GS2023BIOPHD018209 Aishwarya Chawla
GS2023BIOPHD017293 Aiswarya Raj Varakoth
GS2023BIOPHD006653 Akarsh Kumar Dash
GS2023BIOPHD014623 Akash Sen
GS2023BIOPHD021912 Akashjyoti Pathak
GS2023BIOPHD004076 Akasmika Priyadarsani
GS2023BIOPHD000232 Akhil Agarwal
GS2023BIOPHD006162 Akshay Sanjeev K
GS2023BIOPHD009450 Alok Dubey
GS2023BIOPHD019151 Aman Grewal
GS2023BIOPHD017967 Aman Murari
GS2023BIOPHD000940 Aman Sharma
GS2023BIOPHD015585 Amanita Biswas
GS2023BIOPHD014482 Amarttya Bagchi
GS2023BIOPHD021246 Amartya Saha
GS2023BIOPHD004177 Amrita Dutta
GS2023BIOPHD020941 Amrita Kalathil
GS2023BIOPHD005622 Anamika Patel
GS2023BIOPHD009857 Ananda Krishnan M
GS2023BIOPHD014189 Ananya Datta
GS2023BIOPHD002948 Ananya Naick
GS2023BIOPHD017362 Ananya Passi
GS2023BIOPHD009781 Anchita Gopikrishnan
GS2023BIOPHD014891 Anik Mukherjee
GS2023BIOPHD017773 Aninda Sundar Modak
GS2023BIOPHD016344 Anindita Neog
GS2023BIOPHD008073 Anirjit Chatterjee
GS2023BIOPHD015316 Anirudh Jaswal
GS2023BIOPHD005795 Anita Harivansh Yadav
GS2023BIOPHD008590 Anjali Pandey
GS2023BIOPHD021461 Anju Cyriac
GS2023BIOPHD004437 Ankit Sunil Dekate
GS2023BIOPHD020388 Ankush G K
GS2023BIOPHD015344 Ankush Kumar Sharma
GS2023BIOPHD020215 Antony John
GS2023BIOPHD014097 Anuj Kumar Jangir
GS2023BIOPHD003635 Anupama Kishan
GS2023BIOPHD014159 Anupama Sajeev
GS2023BIOPHD005001 Anupriya Shekhar
GS2023BIOPHD011659 Anupriya Yadav
GS2023BIOPHD015481 Anuska Chakraborty
GS2023BIOPHD013128 Anustubh Shukla
GS2023BIOPHD012854 Aparna Rai
GS2023BIOPHD001089 Aratrika Ghosal
GS2023BIOPHD013625 Arijit Das
GS2023BIOPHD016025 Arindam Saha
GS2023BIOPHD020642 Arinjay Madhusudan Gire
GS2023BIOPHD016924 Aritra Chakraborty
GS2023BIOPHD021432 Arkapriya Bhattacharyya
GS2023BIOPHD003540 Arnab Kakati
GS2023BIOPHD012647 Arnab Prakash Dey
GS2023BIOPHD011544 Arsha Liz M Jos
GS2023BIOPHD008911 Arshida M M
GS2023BIOPHD009027 Arunima Choudhury
GS2023BIOPHD004969 Arunima Pramanick
GS2023BIOPHD021931 Arusharka Bhattacharyya
GS2023BIOPHD010922 Aryaman Jaswal
GS2023BIOPHD016725 Aryanjyoti Thakur
GS2023BIOPHD014211 Asfa Kamal
GS2023BIOPHD005456 Asha A S
GS2023BIOPHD014726 Ashik Francis
GS2023BIOPHD009464 Ashish Kumar Mishra
GS2023BIOPHD003233 Ashish Prakash Shingade
GS2023BIOPHD004715 Ashmita Pal
GS2023BIOPHD014473 Ashutosh Sahoo
GS2023BIOPHD004566 Ashutosh Sharma
GS2023BIOPHD005973 Ashutosh Tripathy
GS2023BIOPHD020630 Ateeb Shafi Rather
GS2023BIOPHD003474 Atharv Vinay Ambekar
GS2023BIOPHD019339 Atharv Vinay Athavale
GS2023BIOPHD009746 Aurobinda Rout
GS2023BIOPHD010530 Awiratutkarsh Jha
GS2023BIOPHD009890 Ayisha Mariyam P M
GS2023BIOPHD014338 Ayush Jain
GS2023BIOPHD006718 Ayush Raj
GS2023BIOPHD003494 Ayush Srivastava
GS2023BIOPHD021750 Ayushi Das
GS2023BIOPHD011582 Ayushi Kumari
GS2023BIOPHD009691 Azeem Khan
GS2023BIOPHD001961 Banismita Tripathy
GS2023BIOPHD017294 Bedanta Kumar Barik
GS2023BIOPHD008260 Bhargab Jyoti Baruah
GS2023BIOPHD020236 Bhavika Anilkumar Rami
GS2023BIOPHD013079 Bhavuk Gupta
GS2023BIOPHD017706 Bhavya Ahuja
GS2023BIOPHD016018 Bigyani Samal
GS2023BIOPHD013246 Bilquis Rani
GS2023BIOPHD013883 Binay Aswal
GS2023BIOPHD013290 Bipasa Mandal
GS2023BIOPHD004299 Biswaheree Mahananda
GS2023BIOPHD019325 Biswanath Shaw
GS2023BIOPHD000177 Bitan Rakshit
GS2023BIOPHD017856 Bivhuti Mallick
GS2023BIOPHD013341 Charisma C
GS2023BIOPHD004365 Chirag Panigrahi
GS2023BIOPHD002540 Chythra P
GS2023BIOPHD014303 Dablu Kumar
GS2023BIOPHD004204 Darshana Jain
GS2023BIOPHD009974 Debanjan Ghosh
GS2023BIOPHD002162 Debarati Bishnu
GS2023BIOPHD014307 Debasmita Modak
GS2023BIOPHD002732 Debjit Maity
GS2023BIOPHD021213 Deepanjali Kushwaha
GS2023BIOPHD003881 Deepjyoti Kalita
GS2023BIOPHD015844 Deepthi Dinesh
GS2023BIOPHD004611 Depanshi Pandit
GS2023BIOPHD008870 Devanjan Mondal
GS2023BIOPHD014946 Devansh Sharma
GS2023BIOPHD012728 Devesh Rawat
GS2023BIOPHD009702 Dhanyashree Ragimasalawada
GS2023BIOPHD012316 Dhriti Saumya
GS2023BIOPHD014910 Dibya Rana Saha Roy Rana Saha Roy
GS2023BIOPHD009258 Digvijoy Dinesh Gogoi
GS2023BIOPHD016467 Diksha Dange
GS2023BIOPHD015965 Diksha Gaur
GS2023BIOPHD006002 Dilna Chandran
GS2023BIOPHD000849 Dipika Upadhyay
GS2023BIOPHD021284 Diptesh Chakraborty
GS2023BIOPHD015806 Diptismita Marndi
GS2023BIOPHD004078 Disha Mukherjee
GS2023BIOPHD007139 Dishanee Santra
GS2023BIOPHD011540 Divya
GS2023BIOPHD004532 Divya
GS2023BIOPHD017488 Divya Arya
GS2023BIOPHD005668 Divyangana Bathla
GS2023BIOPHD019792 Divyansh Bhadiar
GS2023BIOPHD014724 Divyanshu Awasthi
GS2023BIOPHD018537 Ejaj Ali
GS2023BIOPHD009853 Elizabeth John
GS2023BIOPHD008370 Fiza Rashida Khan
GS2023BIOPHD009683 Gaurav Nanakwani
GS2023BIOPHD011412 Gayathri A S
GS2023BIOPHD010213 Gayathri V G
GS2023BIOPHD021053 Geetanjali Ekka
GS2023BIOPHD019121 Gerin Prince
GS2023BIOPHD020393 Ghuncha Eisar
GS2023BIOPHD012310 Girish Gowda Ar
GS2023BIOPHD000320 Girishwaran. M
GS2023BIOPHD010095 Gopika Menon
GS2023BIOPHD008389 Gopinath P
GS2023BIOPHD016828 Gurmail
GS2023BIOPHD018897 Gyanesh Shukla
GS2023BIOPHD021889 Hardik Garg
GS2023BIOPHD021670 Harilakshmi A
GS2023BIOPHD008194 Harish
GS2023BIOPHD018033 Harish Aggarwal
GS2023BIOPHD021533 Harsh Srivastava
GS2023BIOPHD009241 Harsha Jagadeesh
GS2023BIOPHD012514 Harshita
GS2023BIOPHD013897 Harshita Panchal
GS2023BIOPHD017645 Hemraj Meena
GS2023BIOPHD009394 Himanshi
GS2023BIOPHD009325 Himanshi
GS2023BIOPHD007769 Himanshu
GS2023BIOPHD019479 Himanshu ..
GS2023BIOPHD000176 Huda Ansari
GS2023BIOPHD019074 Ilvika Kandhway
GS2023BIOPHD015496 Iman Saha
GS2023BIOPHD005736 Inchara S Adhikashreni
GS2023BIOPHD003866 Inchara V
GS2023BIOPHD019979 Indrani Ghosh
GS2023BIOPHD007377 Irene Aniyan Puthethu
GS2023BIOPHD019212 Ishita Nath
GS2023BIOPHD009045 J Kamal Atab
GS2023BIOPHD005018 Jahanvi Sharma
GS2023BIOPHD016444 Jayesh Jaywant Kamath
GS2023BIOPHD008603 Joel Alwyn Dsouza
GS2023BIOPHD021334 Joydip Majumdar
GS2023BIOPHD012814 Jyoti
GS2023BIOPHD010309 Jyotipragnaya Nayak
GS2023BIOPHD005356 Jyotirmayee Debadarshini
GS2023BIOPHD015187 K Mohan Reddy
GS2023BIOPHD014317 K Santosh Kumar
GS2023BIOPHD018887 K Shreya
GS2023BIOPHD004027 Kalyan Pradip Ghadage
GS2023BIOPHD006305 Kalyani Murali
GS2023BIOPHD010716 Kamallata Chakraborty
GS2023BIOPHD007360 Kanishka Kumar
GS2023BIOPHD014003 Kanthimathi Ravindran
GS2023BIOPHD003803 Kapil Mondal
GS2023BIOPHD001951 Kashyapi Jayesh Joshipura
GS2023BIOPHD021303 Kavya H Das
GS2023BIOPHD017521 Kavya R R
GS2023BIOPHD007647 Keerthi Jomy
GS2023BIOPHD016574 Keshav Rathor
GS2023BIOPHD010744 Khadija Hassan
GS2023BIOPHD014031 Kiran Vyshnav E
GS2023BIOPHD007103 Kishalay Ghosh
GS2023BIOPHD014421 Komal
GS2023BIOPHD010734 Koushiki Basu
GS2023BIOPHD018619 Koustav Dey
GS2023BIOPHD007076 Krishna Chaitanya Sattaru
GS2023BIOPHD006568 Krishnaja M
GS2023BIOPHD011202 Krunal Kailash Rambhad
GS2023BIOPHD015370 Kshitij Kumar
GS2023BIOPHD021411 Kumar Ankit Anand
GS2023BIOPHD001823 Kunal Das
GS2023BIOPHD018533 Kunal Khanna
GS2023BIOPHD004672 Kushal Banerjee
GS2023BIOPHD018858 Kusuma B
GS2023BIOPHD013021 Lekshmi S
GS2023BIOPHD014061 Liba Mehdi
GS2023BIOPHD019913 M L Murchana Kalita
GS2023BIOPHD012078 Madhurima Sarkar
GS2023BIOPHD021792 Madhwi Sharma
GS2023BIOPHD016423 Mahamadtezib Mahamadhanif Khatri
GS2023BIOPHD010350 Mahima Sharma
GS2023BIOPHD018178 Manas Jyoti Sarma
GS2023BIOPHD003431 Manas Sanoria
GS2023BIOPHD008995 Manas Upadhyay
GS2023BIOPHD008518 Manasvi Chopra
GS2023BIOPHD014728 Manisha Sahu
GS2023BIOPHD007905 Manisha Sharma
GS2023BIOPHD001131 Manjari Guha Roy
GS2023BIOPHD010679 Manjulika Bharti
GS2023BIOPHD011619 Maulik Rakeshkumar Patel
GS2023BIOPHD000626 Md Zafar Iqubal
GS2023BIOPHD011497 Meghamouli Rana
GS2023BIOPHD018728 Mehuli Acharya
GS2023BIOPHD010158 Midhun Mohan
GS2023BIOPHD003922 Mihir Kumar
GS2023BIOPHD010162 Minnu Shaju Kakkassery
GS2023BIOPHD010796 Mishal Bharadwaj
GS2023BIOPHD003823 Mithuna Vazhavalappil Moolan
GS2023BIOPHD009136 Mitika Pradeepkumar Taneja
GS2023BIOPHD021733 Mohd Ahmad
GS2023BIOPHD020141 Mohd Fahad
GS2023BIOPHD016222 Mohd Salik Noor
GS2023BIOPHD008926 Mohd Umar Tabrez
GS2023BIOPHD018568 Mohin Sethi
GS2023BIOPHD003197 Mohit Jesani
GS2023BIOPHD011681 Mosami Pravin Shah
GS2023BIOPHD016938 Mouparna Majumder
GS2023BIOPHD012051 Mrinnanda Bhattacharya
GS2023BIOPHD010972 Mrudula Gore
GS2023BIOPHD007698 Muhammed Nirjas
GS2023BIOPHD006358 Muskan Gupta
GS2023BIOPHD016133 Muskan Sharma
GS2023BIOPHD021497 Nada R S
GS2023BIOPHD010849 Nameeta Choudhary
GS2023BIOPHD003957 Nanaki Singh
GS2023BIOPHD020738 Nandakumar Chandrasekhar
GS2023BIOPHD010704 Nandhu Krishna Babu
GS2023BIOPHD006569 Nandini Datta
GS2023BIOPHD006941 Navid Bakshi
GS2023BIOPHD019742 Navneet Yadav
GS2023BIOPHD006537 Navya S
GS2023BIOPHD000953 Nayonika Chatterjee
GS2023BIOPHD006951 Neerja Viswanathan
GS2023BIOPHD021149 Neha Dixit
GS2023BIOPHD007848 Neha Kushwaha
GS2023BIOPHD003793 Neha Mohammed Ilias Mulla
GS2023BIOPHD008860 Nidhisha Sreevalsan
GS2023BIOPHD019849 Nihar Purohit
GS2023BIOPHD005798 Nikhil Kumar
GS2023BIOPHD007149 Nikita
GS2023BIOPHD014423 Nikita Sharma
GS2023BIOPHD006876 Nilanjana Deb
GS2023BIOPHD013061 Nilaratna Das
GS2023BIOPHD002335 Niranjan B
GS2023BIOPHD020173 Nirlipta Nilanjana
GS2023BIOPHD018015 Nirupama Vishwanath Honnungar
GS2023BIOPHD006421 Nischal Subbarao
GS2023BIOPHD001504 Nitin Adithya Thyamagundlam
GS2023BIOPHD007702 Oindrila Sinha
GS2023BIOPHD009046 Olivia Roy
GS2023BIOPHD001668 Omkar Vinayak Sapre
GS2023BIOPHD016873 Onika Kumari
GS2023BIOPHD011212 Onkar Rambhau Kadam
GS2023BIOPHD004940 Padmaja S
GS2023BIOPHD000562 Palash Roy
GS2023BIOPHD009451 Palash Sen
GS2023BIOPHD016295 Palki Chauksey
GS2023BIOPHD020345 Pallavi Dutta
GS2023BIOPHD009280 Pallavi Saxena
GS2023BIOPHD010934 Pankaj Kumar
GS2023BIOPHD016472 Parama Mitra
GS2023BIOPHD004709 Parikshit Chattopadhyay
GS2023BIOPHD002778 Parthasarathi Jena
GS2023BIOPHD004202 Parvathy Mohan
GS2023BIOPHD019562 Payal Agarwal
GS2023BIOPHD003166 Payel Chakra
GS2023BIOPHD017842 Phelgye Soni
GS2023BIOPHD013265 Pooja Sharma
GS2023BIOPHD009836 Poojitha Nuthalapati
GS2023BIOPHD004409 Pournima Madhav Joshi
GS2023BIOPHD004814 Prachi
GS2023BIOPHD005361 Prachi Panthri
GS2023BIOPHD002437 Pradnya Dehadrai
GS2023BIOPHD020475 Prajakta Mahendra Tarnekar
GS2023BIOPHD016835 Prajwal Punnamraju
GS2023BIOPHD018063 Prajwal Rangrao Patil
GS2023BIOPHD018545 Pramit Kumar Ghosh
GS2023BIOPHD004490 Pramita Kundu
GS2023BIOPHD010876 Prasannajit Sahoo
GS2023BIOPHD010924 Prashant Kumar
GS2023BIOPHD001462 Prashanth Sridhar
GS2023BIOPHD014753 Pratyusha Maiti
GS2023BIOPHD014081 Preeti
GS2023BIOPHD002413 Preeti Pragya Panda
GS2023BIOPHD011978 Preetkalyan Purohit
GS2023BIOPHD018771 Prerna Dhyani
GS2023BIOPHD004682 Prerna Kumari
GS2023BIOPHD011043 Pritam Biswas
GS2023BIOPHD009018 Prity Kumari
GS2023BIOPHD018308 Prity Kumari Sahu
GS2023BIOPHD005011 Priya Sharma
GS2023BIOPHD020728 Priya Sharma
GS2023BIOPHD011694 Priya Sinha
GS2023BIOPHD014370 Priyam Chopra
GS2023BIOPHD003036 Priyanka
GS2023BIOPHD001634 Priyanka Kasturia
GS2023BIOPHD020464 Priyanka Rai
GS2023BIOPHD003860 Priyobrata Biswas
GS2023BIOPHD003826 Pruthviraj Mahadeo Chavan
GS2023BIOPHD020336 Pujaita Banerjee
GS2023BIOPHD009579 Pujarini Giri
GS2023BIOPHD015310 Putchala Ravi Kiran
GS2023BIOPHD016493 Radhika Bera
GS2023BIOPHD019310 Raga Sahiti Datti
GS2023BIOPHD018441 Rahul Singh Bisht
GS2023BIOPHD016010 Rajarshi Sarkar
GS2023BIOPHD014632 Rajit Kumar Pal
GS2023BIOPHD013568 Rajiv Sharma
GS2023BIOPHD011687 Rakhi
GS2023BIOPHD006225 Raksha Mallik
GS2023BIOPHD021556 Rameez Ahmad Kumar
GS2023BIOPHD001107 Rasanpreet Kaur
GS2023BIOPHD018712 Rashi Jain
GS2023BIOPHD013785 Rashmi Pratap Singh
GS2023BIOPHD020401 Rashmirekha Satpathy
GS2023BIOPHD009693 Raunak Gupta
GS2023BIOPHD010580 Reema Sahu
GS2023BIOPHD001794 Rezwanul Haque Mondal
GS2023BIOPHD008276 Richa Agarwal
GS2023BIOPHD016779 Riddhi Parag Tatke
GS2023BIOPHD009197 Rima Bhattachariya
GS2023BIOPHD009643 Rima Sarkar
GS2023BIOPHD001728 Rishab Singh
GS2023BIOPHD018263 Rishabh Kumar Srivastava
GS2023BIOPHD001429 Rishika Bukhariya
GS2023BIOPHD012843 Ritika Chandekar
GS2023BIOPHD004483 Ritu Singh
GS2023BIOPHD008470 Riya Singh
GS2023BIOPHD021553 Riya Vinod Dhage
GS2023BIOPHD006147 Riya Vivek Kulkarni
GS2023BIOPHD003518 Rohan Sunil Dandavate
GS2023BIOPHD009698 Rohin Sengupta
GS2023BIOPHD011963 Rohit Alfonze Shaji
GS2023BIOPHD021172 Rohit Chand Kabidayal
GS2023BIOPHD014786 Rohit Chel
GS2023BIOPHD005389 Rohit Raghunath Topkar
GS2023BIOPHD015435 Ruben Aju George
GS2023BIOPHD009035 Ruchira Pal
GS2023BIOPHD003723 Rudrank Moharana
GS2023BIOPHD008962 Rupak Saha
GS2023BIOPHD012946 Rupam Mandal
GS2023BIOPHD018585 Rushikesh Sunil Mukhare
GS2023BIOPHD009806 S Yaadesh
GS2023BIOPHD003284 Sabyasachi Ghosh
GS2023BIOPHD021561 Sachidananda Das
GS2023BIOPHD001946 Sachin
GS2023BIOPHD002757 Sadhana Pitambar Patil
GS2023BIOPHD000032 Sagar Vallabhbhai Gadhiya
GS2023BIOPHD020742 Sahil Sunil Mulewar
GS2023BIOPHD017127 Sajad Ahmed
GS2023BIOPHD021899 Sakshi Jain
GS2023BIOPHD007002 Sakshi Shukla
GS2023BIOPHD004137 Saloni Munjal
GS2023BIOPHD018956 Saloni Varshney
GS2023BIOPHD016559 Samriddhi Dubey
GS2023BIOPHD005334 Samridhi Singh
GS2023BIOPHD019417 Sandra S Hari
GS2023BIOPHD009540 Sanidhya Mishra
GS2023BIOPHD004053 Sanjana Banerjee
GS2023BIOPHD015048 Sarath Roy
GS2023BIOPHD000098 Saravanan B
GS2023BIOPHD019872 Sarbari Dasgupta
GS2023BIOPHD018681 Sarthak Chauhan
GS2023BIOPHD002873 Sarthak Mukherjee
GS2023BIOPHD018536 Saurav Karmakar
GS2023BIOPHD018677 Sayan Bose
GS2023BIOPHD004725 Sayan Kumar Bhowmick
GS2023BIOPHD013311 Sayani Majhi
GS2023BIOPHD006844 Sayantani Singha
GS2023BIOPHD013879 Seema
GS2023BIOPHD009471 Shafaq Aftab
GS2023BIOPHD011641 Shagufa Nisrat Noorie
GS2023BIOPHD006180 Shakti Virendra Dahe
GS2023BIOPHD017710 Shaliya P H
GS2023BIOPHD011632 Shambhavi Mishra
GS2023BIOPHD007693 Shantanu Subhash Visal
GS2023BIOPHD005963 Sharmili Roy
GS2023BIOPHD021086 Shashank Joshi
GS2023BIOPHD014948 Shashank M.S.
GS2023BIOPHD001360 Shatakshi Bhattacherjee
GS2023BIOPHD004165 Shayon Mahalanobis
GS2023BIOPHD019358 Shefali Dharmakirti Sonarkar
GS2023BIOPHD008343 Sheri Vidya Rani
GS2023BIOPHD009968 Shikha Kumari
GS2023BIOPHD005322 Shivam Gupta
GS2023BIOPHD014262 Shivam Malviya
GS2023BIOPHD017381 Shivangi Kataria
GS2023BIOPHD017230 Shivangi Tiwari
GS2023BIOPHD018550 Shivani R
GS2023BIOPHD010148 Shivika Goyal
GS2023BIOPHD016070 Shounok Panja
GS2023BIOPHD007716 Shourya Burnwal
GS2023BIOPHD002356 Shouvik Bhattacharya
GS2023BIOPHD008192 Shraddha . .
GS2023BIOPHD016490 Shraddha Mishra
GS2023BIOPHD006357 Shradha Ajith
GS2023BIOPHD002210 Shreekant Sadokpam
GS2023BIOPHD005943 Shreeman Auromahima
GS2023BIOPHD017033 Shreeya Sanjay Raich
GS2023BIOPHD017318 Shreya Bhattacharjee
GS2023BIOPHD003644 Shreya Putatunda
GS2023BIOPHD019843 Shreya Verma
GS2023BIOPHD009196 Shreyasee Das
GS2023BIOPHD001894 Shreyasi Goutam Chakrabarti
GS2023BIOPHD003682 Shrinivas Shrinivas
GS2023BIOPHD019887 Shriram Sachin Waman
GS2023BIOPHD012971 Shristi Chaturvedi
GS2023BIOPHD000111 Shruti Sharma
GS2023BIOPHD006753 Shruti Suhas Varode
GS2023BIOPHD015820 Shrutika Pravin Raje
GS2023BIOPHD018616 Shubham Divakar
GS2023BIOPHD009736 Shubham Kumar
GS2023BIOPHD019794 Shubham Kumar Sharma
GS2023BIOPHD011244 Shubham Laxman Pawar
GS2023BIOPHD014721 Shubham Roy
GS2023BIOPHD005482 Shubham Sharma
GS2023BIOPHD005682 Shubhangi Chakraborty
GS2023BIOPHD009412 Shubhankar Dutta
GS2023BIOPHD004697 Shubhanshi Ranjan
GS2023BIOPHD006939 Shweta Shatrughna Shinde
GS2023BIOPHD006182 Shyam D Nair
GS2023BIOPHD002328 Siddharth Dwivedi
GS2023BIOPHD021594 Siddharth Kumar Singh
GS2023BIOPHD021834 Siddharth Maurya
GS2023BIOPHD011712 Siddharth Rai
GS2023BIOPHD020515 Siddharth Uttam Kurne
GS2023BIOPHD009313 Siddhi Gupta
GS2023BIOPHD008764 Siddhi Sameer Bangale
GS2023BIOPHD020513 Sidra Qaisar
GS2023BIOPHD008994 Sk Anzar Hasnain
GS2023BIOPHD006173 Smrithi K S
GS2023BIOPHD014679 Smriti Singh
GS2023BIOPHD019176 Smruti Ranjan Mohapatra
GS2023BIOPHD012331 Sneha Das
GS2023BIOPHD009132 Sneha Khanduri
GS2023BIOPHD011122 Soaham Banerjee
GS2023BIOPHD012065 Sohini Mukhopadhyay
GS2023BIOPHD006322 Soinik Ghosh
GS2023BIOPHD013886 Somashekar.A
GS2023BIOPHD015748 Somilya Mishra
GS2023BIOPHD021795 Somsundar Si
GS2023BIOPHD015040 Sonali Shukla
GS2023BIOPHD001711 Sonam Grewal
GS2023BIOPHD000906 Sonia
GS2023BIOPHD014740 Soumik Roy
GS2023BIOPHD012088 Soumya Golchha
GS2023BIOPHD009562 Soumyadeep Mangal
GS2023BIOPHD013576 Soumyadeep Paul
GS2023BIOPHD005851 Soumyajit Nag
GS2023BIOPHD010962 Soumyodeep Das
GS2023BIOPHD002652 Sourav Kumar Moharana
GS2023BIOPHD007336 Sourav Sahil
GS2023BIOPHD021827 Spriha Vijaykumar Keshri
GS2023BIOPHD002835 Sreeparvathy V E
GS2023BIOPHD017917 Srishti Awasthi
GS2023BIOPHD010596 Srivalli Eedibilli
GS2023BIOPHD021606 Sruthilaya Dayanandan
GS2023BIOPHD012036 Subhadeep Das
GS2023BIOPHD021186 Subhajit Sarkar
GS2023BIOPHD020279 Subhalakshmi Rout
GS2023BIOPHD005360 Subhangi Subudhi
GS2023BIOPHD020599 Subhankar Kundu
GS2023BIOPHD014510 Subhankar Raha
GS2023BIOPHD020412 Subhashis Indra
GS2023BIOPHD009171 Subhojit Ghosh
GS2023BIOPHD020049 Subhojit Roy
GS2023BIOPHD007391 Subhra Bhattacharyya
GS2023BIOPHD006169 Sudipta Paul
GS2023BIOPHD018097 Sugata Mitra
GS2023BIOPHD003120 Suhasini Rao
GS2023BIOPHD012014 Sukanya Bhattacharya
GS2023BIOPHD019855 Sulagna Dash Mohapatra
GS2023BIOPHD015663 Sultan Ahmed
GS2023BIOPHD009386 Suman Pal
GS2023BIOPHD017893 Sumbul Khan
GS2023BIOPHD004947 Sumbul Yasmeen
GS2023BIOPHD020065 Sumedha Sengupta
GS2023BIOPHD010552 Sumit Rakshit
GS2023BIOPHD015564 Sumit Rez
GS2023BIOPHD010779 Sumita Panda
GS2023BIOPHD013134 Supraja B
GS2023BIOPHD019275 Supriya Bhardwaj
GS2023BIOPHD000854 Surjyapratap Sarangi
GS2023BIOPHD008321 Sushmita Seal
GS2023BIOPHD000497 Sushrut Vivek Bhave
GS2023BIOPHD010573 Susi Mathews
GS2023BIOPHD015522 Swagata Shee
GS2023BIOPHD006908 Swagato Bhattacharjee
GS2023BIOPHD001267 Swastika Dey
GS2023BIOPHD021511 Swathi Jonnalagadda
GS2023BIOPHD017370 Swati Sharma
GS2023BIOPHD005265 Talha Ahmed Khan
GS2023BIOPHD011631 Tanmay Panigrahi
GS2023BIOPHD016339 Tanmoy Das
GS2023BIOPHD009760 Teesta Raychaudhuri
GS2023BIOPHD008481 Tej Tarun Sharma
GS2023BIOPHD015179 Tejas Vandeo Borkar
GS2023BIOPHD019022 Tejas Vilas Pawar
GS2023BIOPHD003437 Tejashwini Singh M
GS2023BIOPHD018938 Tharun Kumar C J
GS2023BIOPHD015512 Theja Kumar Gajula
GS2023BIOPHD010890 Tithi Bhandari
GS2023BIOPHD014519 Triparna Chakraborty
GS2023BIOPHD012039 Tuhinendu Dey
GS2023BIOPHD014550 Udita Ghosh
GS2023BIOPHD008804 Ujjwal Sagar
GS2023BIOPHD009013 Urvi Harishchandra Budhbhatti
GS2023BIOPHD002811 Ushosi Bhattacharyya
GS2023BIOPHD002641 Ushri Patra
GS2023BIOPHD012057 Utsav Bose
GS2023BIOPHD007200 Vaibhav Chandrakant Agre
GS2023BIOPHD020733 Vaishnavi Awasthi
GS2023BIOPHD009398 Vaishnavi Raut
GS2023BIOPHD018192 Vandana
GS2023BIOPHD002267 Vandana Sharma
GS2023BIOPHD020482 Varsha K
GS2023BIOPHD005608 Veeksha V Shetty
GS2023BIOPHD009006 Venkata Narayana Avinash Pogiri
GS2023BIOPHD008554 Vibhor Gaikwad
GS2023BIOPHD019909 Vidhee Uttam Sonewane
GS2023BIOPHD004537 Vidushi Rastogi
GS2023BIOPHD020945 Vidya P V
GS2023BIOPHD013019 Vijna Danish
GS2023BIOPHD020646 Vikram Sen
GS2023BIOPHD013168 Vimal Das E S
GS2023BIOPHD020369 Vinayak Ghosh
GS2023BIOPHD015819 Vinayakdev S
GS2023BIOPHD013449 Vinod Kumar
GS2023BIOPHD019075 Vipul Upadhyay
GS2023BIOPHD019054 Vishal Kumar Rout
GS2023BIOPHD016839 Vishwa Jagati
GS2023BIOPHD020161 Vyshnavi T Vijayan
GS2023BIOPHD016647 Yadhusankar S
GS2023BIOPHD015515 Yash Lahu Kuber
GS2023BIOPHD001493 Yashasvi Sharma
GS2023BIOPHD021740 Yashvi Rai
GS2023BIOPHD013868 Yatin Saneja
Application Sequence No. Name
GS2023BIOIPH008660 Aarya Mahendraa Patil
GS2023BIOIPH014560 Aarya Sivasankaran Nair
GS2023BIOIPH015320 Aaryan Dhawan
GS2023BIOIPH012684 Aashi
GS2023BIOIPH000420 Aashvin Kumar Das
GS2023BIOIPH021504 Aastha Aggarwal
GS2023BIOIPH009193 Aastha Gupta
GS2023BIOIPH021658 Aazim Hashmi
GS2023BIOIPH012423 Abhay Pal
GS2023BIOIPH005220 Abhijit Santra
GS2023BIOIPH004604 Abhijith.M.S
GS2023BIOIPH001123 Abhinav Karthikeyan
GS2023BIOIPH003567 Abhishek Bhikaji Sarbhukan
GS2023BIOIPH019377 Aditi Arya
GS2023BIOIPH015388 Aditi Gupta
GS2023BIOIPH007568 Adrija Chatterjee
GS2023BIOIPH009297 Adrija Ray
GS2023BIOIPH000973 Ahana Chakraborty
GS2023BIOIPH005556 Aindri Ghosh
GS2023BIOIPH002850 Aishani Sengupta
GS2023BIOIPH003259 Aishik Sinha
GS2023BIOIPH012489 Akshita Soni
GS2023BIOIPH002627 Anamitra Goswami
GS2023BIOIPH014076 Anamitra Sen
GS2023BIOIPH006536 Anant Garg
GS2023BIOIPH011740 Ananya Sarkar
GS2023BIOIPH006525 Anashwara B Tharakan
GS2023BIOIPH001757 Ancy Alex Alex
GS2023BIOIPH018162 Anik Ghosh
GS2023BIOIPH004141 Aniket Pal
GS2023BIOIPH005120 Anirudh Sharma
GS2023BIOIPH021777 Anjali Gupta
GS2023BIOIPH005138 Anjali Karn
GS2023BIOIPH002897 Anjali Soni
GS2023BIOIPH005139 Anjalika Das
GS2023BIOIPH008490 Ankesh Kumar Pandey
GS2023BIOIPH007936 Ankita Harish Shenoy
GS2023BIOIPH003785 Ankur Chaudhuri
GS2023BIOIPH004722 Anmol Garg
GS2023BIOIPH015903 Anshita
GS2023BIOIPH008264 Anubhab Bhattacharjee
GS2023BIOIPH018944 Anupriya Bandyopadhyay
GS2023BIOIPH015426 Anupriya Garg
GS2023BIOIPH007208 Anushka Pandey
GS2023BIOIPH000555 Anushka Prasanna Shitut
GS2023BIOIPH021665 Anuva Kaushik
GS2023BIOIPH000688 Anwesha Dutta
GS2023BIOIPH015437 Apara C
GS2023BIOIPH002283 Aparna
GS2023BIOIPH003916 Apurba Nayak
GS2023BIOIPH016532 Archana Kumari Jaiswal
GS2023BIOIPH008114 Arhana Bhowmik
GS2023BIOIPH011673 Arjun Singh
GS2023BIOIPH002672 Arunima Sen
GS2023BIOIPH002118 Arya Nayak
GS2023BIOIPH021575 Aryaman Kunwar
GS2023BIOIPH016000 Ashar Rais
GS2023BIOIPH000313 Ashish Anand
GS2023BIOIPH011805 Ashutosh Kumar
GS2023BIOIPH021582 Ashutosh Mohapatra
GS2023BIOIPH007779 Asmita Roy
GS2023BIOIPH004614 Atasi Ghanti
GS2023BIOIPH008207 Atharva Ashutosh Parolekar
GS2023BIOIPH000937 Atri Bhattacharya
GS2023BIOIPH010774 Austin Mathew
GS2023BIOIPH002818 Austin Varughese
GS2023BIOIPH020905 Avantika Meghan Kamat
GS2023BIOIPH002170 Avigyan Bose
GS2023BIOIPH002251 Ayesha Fatima Ahmed
GS2023BIOIPH000208 Beauty Das
GS2023BIOIPH013198 Bhoomika Rao
GS2023BIOIPH009343 Chaitali Vora
GS2023BIOIPH006779 Chandni Verma
GS2023BIOIPH004079 Charandeep Singh
GS2023BIOIPH016095 Charu Joshi
GS2023BIOIPH002248 Chhavi Tomer
GS2023BIOIPH018468 Chinmay Sharma
GS2023BIOIPH006059 Dakshkumar Anilbhai Barad
GS2023BIOIPH002184 Debabrata Jana
GS2023BIOIPH021584 Debamrita Kundu
GS2023BIOIPH016987 Deepak Kumar
GS2023BIOIPH002432 Deepesh Joshi
GS2023BIOIPH005178 Dipasmit Palchaudhuri
GS2023BIOIPH010378 Diptendu Mandal
GS2023BIOIPH002825 Disha Patel
GS2023BIOIPH003380 Divas Jaiswal
GS2023BIOIPH017189 Divya Sinha
GS2023BIOIPH005726 Divyanshi Verma
GS2023BIOIPH006479 Diya K Prasad
GS2023BIOIPH013686 Diya Sankar S
GS2023BIOIPH018218 Drushti Ketul Pandya
GS2023BIOIPH016021 Durva Paresh Bhatt
GS2023BIOIPH000691 Gaurav Navin Tiwari
GS2023BIOIPH019776 Gauri Anand Shintre
GS2023BIOIPH005395 Gauri Atul Wani
GS2023BIOIPH020374 Gauri Srinath
GS2023BIOIPH011033 Gayatri Satrughan Mohanty
GS2023BIOIPH010559 Girish M M
GS2023BIOIPH000722 Godavari Joshi
GS2023BIOIPH001779 Gopika Rajagopal Pisharodi
GS2023BIOIPH017209 Govardhan Dilip Palekar
GS2023BIOIPH016831 Hadiya Shamim
GS2023BIOIPH014410 Hafsa Anam
GS2023BIOIPH021418 Harikrishna S
GS2023BIOIPH012071 Harsh Sangal
GS2023BIOIPH015202 Harshini Vivek Sangle
GS2023BIOIPH014122 Himanshu Thakur
GS2023BIOIPH009938 Hinal Bhatt
GS2023BIOIPH008093 Hiral Rawal
GS2023BIOIPH020723 Hirday Sehgal
GS2023BIOIPH008166 Ifrah Sadaf
GS2023BIOIPH014443 Ishitv Vats
GS2023BIOIPH003796 Jahnavi Hiremath
GS2023BIOIPH006743 Jatin Dheer
GS2023BIOIPH019785 Jaweria Mariam
GS2023BIOIPH004533 Jayashree Ravindra Mahajan
GS2023BIOIPH019954 Juhi Yogeshkumar Shah
GS2023BIOIPH008322 Jyotipriya Sarkar
GS2023BIOIPH013094 K P Akilan
GS2023BIOIPH000902 Kanishka Vijay Kukreja
GS2023BIOIPH004583 Kantipudi Gouri Sreepriya
GS2023BIOIPH007320 Karen Roanna Thomas
GS2023BIOIPH009943 Kaulick Mitra
GS2023BIOIPH021545 Kaushik Poddar
GS2023BIOIPH007986 Kaushik S Jith
GS2023BIOIPH010648 Kavya Sri Gamini
GS2023BIOIPH008785 Ketaki Neelesh Apte
GS2023BIOIPH018207 Khushboo Suthar
GS2023BIOIPH000013 Kiratpreet Singh Dhillon
GS2023BIOIPH014770 Koema Bansal
GS2023BIOIPH011413 Komal Dhiman
GS2023BIOIPH010410 Koushik Chakraborty
GS2023BIOIPH020791 Krishna
GS2023BIOIPH013937 Krishnanunni
GS2023BIOIPH006778 Kuldeep Singh
GS2023BIOIPH019426 Kumar Rishav
GS2023BIOIPH005786 Kumari Kriti
GS2023BIOIPH021297 Kunika Singh
GS2023BIOIPH007826 Labani Saha
GS2023BIOIPH001149 Lavanya
GS2023BIOIPH008469 Madhav Gupta
GS2023BIOIPH020718 Mahaksh Verma
GS2023BIOIPH017265 Manan Sunil Rawal
GS2023BIOIPH018679 Mani Ratnam Vempali
GS2023BIOIPH008945 Manish Nidugala Bhat
GS2023BIOIPH002770 Manjunath J
GS2023BIOIPH014970 Mansi Acharya
GS2023BIOIPH000324 Mayukh Mitra
GS2023BIOIPH002682 Meghna Das
GS2023BIOIPH006808 Mohammad Anas
GS2023BIOIPH000976 Mohd Inamul Haq
GS2023BIOIPH021911 Mohd Sarim Siddiqui
GS2023BIOIPH012836 Muskan Gupta
GS2023BIOIPH005315 Nabanita Paul
GS2023BIOIPH006972 Nagulwar Mahima Mahendra
GS2023BIOIPH003508 Nairit Pal
GS2023BIOIPH013510 Nandini Shreya
GS2023BIOIPH002782 Nayantara Varma P
GS2023BIOIPH006700 Neeti Bharadwaj
GS2023BIOIPH007877 Neha Sameer Sontakke
GS2023BIOIPH013603 Neha Sandeep Gaonkar
GS2023BIOIPH003560 Nikkita Verma
GS2023BIOIPH003587 Nilanjana Baishya
GS2023BIOIPH008715 Nipun Kumar Verma
GS2023BIOIPH005201 Nirmalendu Mukherjee
GS2023BIOIPH015367 Nisha Singh
GS2023BIOIPH003638 Nishan
GS2023BIOIPH002308 Nivedita Sivakuamr
GS2023BIOIPH017417 Pallavi Sharma
GS2023BIOIPH001006 Parakbritta Hazra Dutta
GS2023BIOIPH007863 Parinaz Aflatoon Shekari
GS2023BIOIPH004752 Parth Ganesh Dangi
GS2023BIOIPH005068 Partha Sarthi V
GS2023BIOIPH014199 Parul Gopal
GS2023BIOIPH016291 Pavithra Umashankar
GS2023BIOIPH001337 Payal Lumba
GS2023BIOIPH002346 Pinkal Kumar Jena
GS2023BIOIPH007833 Poornima Menon
GS2023BIOIPH006174 Prachi Choudhary
GS2023BIOIPH019964 Pranav Rajaram Wable
GS2023BIOIPH020199 Pratyay Sarkar
GS2023BIOIPH014145 Prayashi Goswami
GS2023BIOIPH016060 Preetha Kemphu
GS2023BIOIPH007872 Prem Prakash Pandey
GS2023BIOIPH002721 Priscilla Suzanne Koshy
GS2023BIOIPH002065 Prishita Sharma
GS2023BIOIPH002481 Priya Sagar
GS2023BIOIPH007808 Priyabrata Chakraborty
GS2023BIOIPH008846 Priyadarshini Roy
GS2023BIOIPH016294 Priyanka S
GS2023BIOIPH009805 Rahul Bisht
GS2023BIOIPH002841 Rakesh Kumar Sharma
GS2023BIOIPH004427 Ranjanee Aron
GS2023BIOIPH015870 Rashmita Bajaj
GS2023BIOIPH006640 Reeva Garg
GS2023BIOIPH002445 Riddhi Chakraborty
GS2023BIOIPH007376 Rima Sen
GS2023BIOIPH003151 Rishi R
GS2023BIOIPH000719 Rishita Hazra
GS2023BIOIPH011461 Ritika Rawat
GS2023BIOIPH003965 Ritu Sarkar
GS2023BIOIPH000717 Rivaa Panchal
GS2023BIOIPH021025 Riya Rawat
GS2023BIOIPH009351 Rohan Raj
GS2023BIOIPH003305 Rohini Chatterjee
GS2023BIOIPH005385 Romit Dutta Gupta
GS2023BIOIPH012879 Ronit Banerjee
GS2023BIOIPH005333 Rushab Jain
GS2023BIOIPH013790 Ryan Pathak
GS2023BIOIPH006609 Saffana Sireen
GS2023BIOIPH002007 Sagar S
GS2023BIOIPH011545 Sahil Jain
GS2023BIOIPH001114 Sahil Yadav
GS2023BIOIPH001792 Sakshi Pradip Shigvan
GS2023BIOIPH010392 Sakshi Rani
GS2023BIOIPH011349 Sampad Samrat Senapaty
GS2023BIOIPH005230 Sampriti Pal
GS2023BIOIPH003322 Sanchari Banerjee
GS2023BIOIPH020542 Sanjana Kumari
GS2023BIOIPH001221 Saptadwipa Dey
GS2023BIOIPH006590 Sarthak Ghosh
GS2023BIOIPH005609 Satyajeeb Palai
GS2023BIOIPH010389 Satyam Roy
GS2023BIOIPH019486 Savyasachi Banerji
GS2023BIOIPH004048 Sayak Das
GS2023BIOIPH003161 Sayali Rajendra Bhutare
GS2023BIOIPH009227 Sayan Chakraborty
GS2023BIOIPH001760 Sayan Patra
GS2023BIOIPH014157 Sehrish Imran
GS2023BIOIPH007655 Shabnam Sahay
GS2023BIOIPH001319 Shahina Mazumdar
GS2023BIOIPH021048 Shaikh Mohammad Arif
GS2023BIOIPH012052 Shakshi Rawat
GS2023BIOIPH020842 Sharvari Milind Chitale
GS2023BIOIPH011781 Shashank Ramakrishnan
GS2023BIOIPH008361 Shaun Mahanti
GS2023BIOIPH006540 Shibam Chakraborty
GS2023BIOIPH010590 Shikha Mishra
GS2023BIOIPH013044 Shivam
GS2023BIOIPH000456 Shivpal Singh
GS2023BIOIPH008521 Shrashti Shrivastava
GS2023BIOIPH000680 Shravani Nitin More
GS2023BIOIPH020534 Shreea Tiwari
GS2023BIOIPH004501 Shreya Sen
GS2023BIOIPH015929 Shreya Sidharam Fulari
GS2023BIOIPH003171 Shreyasi Das
GS2023BIOIPH013348 Shreyosi Mukherjee
GS2023BIOIPH009086 Shriya Shrikant Joshi
GS2023BIOIPH016128 Shruti Srivastava
GS2023BIOIPH006277 Shubhi Khandelwal
GS2023BIOIPH002072 Sibsankar Mallick
GS2023BIOIPH012949 Siddhant Saha
GS2023BIOIPH002389 Sidharth Uc
GS2023BIOIPH018549 Sikta Saroja Rout
GS2023BIOIPH007545 Sindhuja Manivannan
GS2023BIOIPH012527 Sivani Biswal
GS2023BIOIPH012028 Smriti Snigdha Mandal
GS2023BIOIPH008959 Sneha Girish Phadke
GS2023BIOIPH020837 Soham Das
GS2023BIOIPH016791 Somanath Shyamsundar
GS2023BIOIPH002800 Somsubhra Goswami
GS2023BIOIPH007871 Sonal Sharma
GS2023BIOIPH001841 Soujatya Banerjee
GS2023BIOIPH020094 Soumik Dey
GS2023BIOIPH009449 Soumitra Dattatray Joshi
GS2023BIOIPH002699 Soumya Sau
GS2023BIOIPH000393 Soumyabroto Karmakar
GS2023BIOIPH000422 Soumyadeep Sarkar
GS2023BIOIPH001014 Soumyadipta Saha
GS2023BIOIPH005678 Sourabh
GS2023BIOIPH001087 Souraj Das
GS2023BIOIPH015263 Souravi Adak
GS2023BIOIPH003506 Spandan Basu
GS2023BIOIPH021467 Sreeja Chakrabarti
GS2023BIOIPH012269 Sreeja Das
GS2023BIOIPH010478 Sreeraj V
GS2023BIOIPH004231 Sreya Chowdhury
GS2023BIOIPH015477 Sreyansee Rath
GS2023BIOIPH008465 Srianshu Kumar Panda
GS2023BIOIPH009324 Srinidhi Rengarajan
GS2023BIOIPH007976 Srushti Jaydeep Sali
GS2023BIOIPH005750 Subhanjan V
GS2023BIOIPH016775 Subhankar Maity
GS2023BIOIPH020363 Subhasis Roy
GS2023BIOIPH020434 Subhrajyoti Mallick
GS2023BIOIPH009816 Suhana Hussain Choudhary
GS2023BIOIPH008989 Sukanya Ganguly
GS2023BIOIPH001724 Sumali Kanjilal
GS2023BIOIPH006756 Surbhi Dadwal
GS2023BIOIPH004700 Suryababu Frost
GS2023BIOIPH020706 Swapnil Milind Shinde
GS2023BIOIPH014696 Swarnava Chatterjee
GS2023BIOIPH001489 Swarnava Majumdar
GS2023BIOIPH000834 Swathi Deepak Nayak
GS2023BIOIPH003364 Sweta Jha
GS2023BIOIPH013973 Tahiti Manna
GS2023BIOIPH011462 Tanmay Anand
GS2023BIOIPH014896 Tanmay Jindal
GS2023BIOIPH010206 Tanzeel Ahmad
GS2023BIOIPH012811 Tirtha Subhra Mukherjee
GS2023BIOIPH005695 Tripti Tajendar Mazumdar
GS2023BIOIPH001178 Trisha Majumdar
GS2023BIOIPH017334 Tushar Sachdeva
GS2023BIOIPH010591 Twinkle Aggarwal
GS2023BIOIPH017008 Uddhav Mishra
GS2023BIOIPH002421 Upagnya Dash
GS2023BIOIPH002645 Urvi Singh
GS2023BIOIPH006558 Uzma Khan
GS2023BIOIPH018926 Vaibhav R Kini
GS2023BIOIPH013007 Vaishnavi G
GS2023BIOIPH000571 Varunpriya Joshi
GS2023BIOIPH007387 Vatsala Pandey
GS2023BIOIPH005510 Vibha Nagendra Bhat
GS2023BIOIPH003876 Vibha V
GS2023BIOIPH014617 Vidhi Wadhawan
GS2023BIOIPH003096 Vijeta Singh
GS2023BIOIPH016044 Vishma V
GS2023BIOIPH021840 Vishnu Madhav Balaji Betarapalli
GS2023BIOIPH016045 Vishwajeet Aman
GS2023BIOIPH006548 Vivek Kumar
GS2023BIOIPH008988 Yash Vardhan Shekhawat
GS2023BIOIPH017810 Yashika Kukreja