2012 Events
  • Special Lecture
    Mechanism of Disease according to Ayurveda
    September 11, 2012  NCBS
    Speaker : Indudharan Menon
  • Classical Ayurveda's Vision of Human Life Cycle
    March 5, 2012
    Speaker : Indudharan Menon
  • Plenary Lecture
    “Malabar botanical medical knowledge in the development of trade, medicine and science during the pre-colonial period.” Global Ayurveda festival, TVM, Kerala, Feb 10, 2012
    Speaker : Annamma Spudich
  • Keynote Presentation
    “The influence of HortusMalabaricus on later publications and the history of its translation.”
    National Seminar on HORTUS MALABARICUS, on 333RD anniversary of publication, Calicut University, FEB 17, 2012.
    Speaker : Annamma Spudich
  • Lecture Shristi Art School, Bangalore
    “SUCH TREASURE AND RICH MERCHANDIZE: Spices, Medicines, Rhinoceros and an Elephant called Aana”                         March 5, 2012                                                                                                                                                                             Speaker : Annamma Spudich